About us.

“to make ready a people whose hearts have been turned to the Lord”


It’s all about Jesus

A people that grasps God’s redemptive mission toward humanity, worshiping God & believes in the complete sufficiency of Scripture to speak into all areas of life.


We are family

That holds each other accountable, encourages each other & forgives one another. To encourage each other to pursue God in complete surrender.


Life on mission

That sees all people as created in the image of God & longs to see them worship in spirit & in truth. To be equipped to spread God’s love, forgiveness, & compassion to the lost & hurting people in Eritrea & the rest of the world!

“ንእግዚኣብሄር ብቑዕ ህዝቢ ምድላው” ሉቃ 1፡17

Wihbet.com is a free and Christian website, with a mission to share the love of God which is found in and revealed by Christ Jesus to everyone. 

We strongly believe in solid and faithful teaching of the Word of God through the leadership of the Holy Spirit. 

We aligned with our faith statement, that is based on concrete Christian foundation and an authentic source of Biblical doctrine.

Wihbet is all about

Christian Literature which is foundational Christian teachings, downloadable for use. 

Blog – an inspirational and sharing of the Word of God in our daily life. 

Radio Wihbet – broadcasts inspirational Biblical sermons and teachings.


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